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5 Major Advantages of Remodeling Your Home Versus Building a New One

There are many advantages of remodeling your existing home as versus building a new one. While both choices can add considerable stress by going through the process, home renovation can be accomplished in phases while the display increasing the equity in the home. The entire procedure of new home construction can take well over one year from start to finish, and still require the effort to relocate along with the time necessary to sell your old house.

Hidden Fees – One of the greatest advantages of home remodeling is that it has fewer hidden costs. Typically, new home construction involves impact fees, ground preparation fees and extensive permit fees, then those required in home remodeling.

Unknown Costs – In the planning stages of new construction, it is nearly impossible to know all the unknown costs that will be involved. It is difficult to determine the cost of insurance, multiple taxes, financing costs along with the cost of relocating from one home to another. Looking for Remnants? We got you covered, contact AZ granite and remodeling and get the best Remnants in town.

Restrictions – Any piece of property bought for new construction, must meet the requirements of the zoning commissions, regional and local building codes and homeowner association restrictions. Renovating the interior of an existing home typically just requires acquiring permits for construction.

Remodeling Phases – Renovating certain areas in the existing home can be accomplished in phases. Remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms can be done before installing new carpet and hardwood floors. The entire process can phased in over years, instead of being dedicated to finishing a large project all at once, like new home construction.

Managing Financial Budgets – Generally, building a new home will require not only paying on your existing mortgage, but on new construction loans. The burden of maintaining both a heavy cost of new construction and your monthly mortgage payment for up to one year can add unnecessary stress to your financial situation.

Renovating your existing home can be an exciting, fun and a cost-effective adventure. It is easy to search online for remodeling ideas. Building materials are also available for purchase through companies, with websites on the Internet, offering dramatic savings. Home renovation offers you a greater chance to control the bottom line of remodeling over the expensive cost of new home construction.