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Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine principle

The Chinese traditional veterinarian is an ancient discipline of working people in the process of long-term prevention of livestock diseases, gradually summed developed. It is different from modern medicine, veterinary science, but modern science and technology gradually interpretation has a unique theoretical system and the rich scientific connotation emerging discipline. Traditional veterinary medicine is used in China for thousands of years. It plays a strong role and has a great impact on the world science of veterinary science. We believe that it will also play an important role in our contemporary horse disease prevention and the development of the horse industry.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine principles

Traditional medicine, veterinary science scientific connotation far is not interpretation, however, has achieved important results.

(A) of Acupuncture role acupuncture analgesia mechanisms of acupuncture in recent decades, rapid development, on the basis of traditional acupuncture therapy has electric needle, water needle, needle, laser acupuncture, microwave needle, the far infrared needle and electromagnetic hole treatment and other methods. Gradually expand the scope of treatment, the treatment of diseases of 200 species, including 40 kinds of horse sickness , the efficacy is also rising. Since the reform and opening up, the human and animal acupuncture techniques has spread in more than 170 countries and applications. After the system experimental study of the domestic and foreign scholars for a long time, acupuncture therapeutic effect is mainly analgesic, promote immune function to adjust the three aspects. The basic principle is to adjust the role of bidirectional relative specificity of acupuncture.

Acupuncture anesthesia is acupuncture treatment of pain disorders inspired, in 1969, the first horse knot disease abdominal wall incision and cesarean section to be successful. And applied across the country, the only equine animal application to thousands of cases. At the same time, the animal experimental studies have shown that acupuncture anesthesia process, pain and pain control system of the body, the immune system, the nervous, endocrine system, heart and lung blood circulation all organ function over time toward beneficial to the development of the direction of the overall function activities. Acupuncture anesthesia (or analgesia), brain and peripheral analgesic system is a high degree of excitement; the pain caused by the system was relatively inhibitory state. Body to reduce pain caused by substances, increased analgesic substance, especially a significant increase in the endogenous morphine-like substances.

The pharmacological effects of traditional Chinese medicine (c) the role of diversity in traditional Chinese medicine are determined by four-five flavors of each herb.