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The acupuncture supplies are the actual tools or instruments among materiel medical which is used in many ways to carry out the art of acupuncture itself. Acupuncture as a whole involves the use of many and different instruments to achieve its desire course. Unlike in the traditional acupuncture where the only materiel medical used was the needle, the modern form of acupuncture encompasses many acupuncture supplies. These range from the non powered materiel medical to the powered acupuncture supplies.


The moxa, an acupuncture supply made from a traditional Chinese herb by the name mugwort forms part of the important acupuncture supplies. Its use in acupuncture is known as moxibustion. Moxa as an acupuncture supply can be used in two forms, one being in powder form and the other form being in stick form. The moxa accessories include equipments such as the moxa container, moxa extinguisher, moxa burner, moxa oil among others.


The Chinese cuppings also form part of the materiel medical used in the practice of acupuncture. Theses are actually glass made cups that are used in the activity of cupping during acupuncture. The cupping involves the creation of a vacuum around the intended part of the body. This inturn achieves a certain acupuncture effect on the body of the patient.


These are the basic materiel medical in the field of acupuncture. No acupuncture health facility can actually claim to offer acupuncture services without the use of needles. These acupuncture supplies are categorized in accordance to their type, condition they are being used to treat and the material that actually makes them. The acupuncture needles as acupuncture supplies are also categorized by the company of their manufacture e.g. the SEIRIN acupuncture needles.


The practice of acupuncture in most cases goes hand in hand with the use of herbal products. These herbs act as acupuncture supplies that facilitate the carrying on of acupuncture. Such herbal accessories include the glass dropper bottles, pill crushers and splitters, pill organiser chest among others.


This is in the modern forms of acupuncture supplies. It was first used by the Chinese in the treating of several conditions. These acupuncture supplies uses the technique of energy emission. Their use thus depends on the availabilty of electricity. It emits far infrared rays that provide essential mineral elements to the injured part of the body.MASSAGE TOOLS

The massage tools also form a part of the available acupuncture supplies. The massage tools do come in handy with the practice of acupuncture as they provide a relaxation feeling during and after the massage session. These tools can easily be available in most of the acupuncture materiel medical supplies stores.