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Building Bridges Between Your Dreams & Ultimate Reality

This article is dedicated to providing you with information on how to succeed in business, your career and life. My professional interests have always been fueled by a deep desire to make sustaining and measurable changes in the lives of others. As an executive life coach and management consultant, I spend a good deal of my time examining and reexamining both organizational and personal missions, visions and goals. In my role as a certifed mediator, I have become very sensitive to the underlying emotions, needs and interests that pose as a barrier to constructive problem-solving. Finally, as an advocate of life-long learning, my research and own “ah-ha” moments allow me to shed the light on issues that may not be as apparent or visible to others.

This hodgepodge of experience, education and expertise in conjunction with my sincere desire to see others excel are what have compelled me to develop this page. Here you will find all sorts of information geared to aid you in your personal development efforts. Additionally, I will be providing an in-depth look at my own professional roles and explain how you can add and use those skills to your own career development toolkit. The modules toward the bottom of the page will provide you with more information about my services and links to other blogs and websites that I manage.

Make sure that you “Favorite” this article so you can check back often as each day I plan to update the page with new information that you can use in your own journey to reaching homeostasis (complete balance or internal equilibrium). That brings me to another point: I am a huge word junkie. I absolutely love language so since I believe that effective communication is a highly important tool, I will be using and defining all kinds of words for you in everything that I write. A complete listing of every word can be found on my Wonderful World of Effective Communication article.

If there is anything that seems unclear or that you desire additional information about, just drop me a comment. Your input is very valuable to me.