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How To Start A Handyman Business

Even when the economy gets tough, people still need to have things fixed or replaced around their home. Not every homeowner is capable or even wants to tackle a lot of the repairs necessary to keep their home in shape.

Being in the remodeling and handyman business for 20 plus years, I have learned quite a few tricks and I’m still learning!

If you are naturally “handy” meaning using hand and power tools come easy to you, and you have a natural ability to solve problems, you’ve got it made! Each home you work in is as unique as each customer you will deal with. If you enjoy fixing things or using tools, but don’t have experience, you can still do it, it will just take a little more time. With a little patience, I don’t think there’s an easier business to start.

When you start out, just do the work you know you are capable of. If you’re good at hanging pictures just do that. You’d be surprised at the people who don’t have the patience for something as simple as picture hanging.

There are so many books and free information avaiable, if you are determined, you can easily learn all you need to know. The rest is EXPERIENCE !


Make Sure You Give Going Into Business Some Thought! 

You Have To Enjoy What You Do!

No matter if your a man or woman, there are a few things you should consider before thinking about starting a handyman business.

First, you will be working in people’s homes, and they can be very picky about who they let in to work. You must learn to treat their homes like your own ( or better ! )
The first thing to learn is to keep the work place clean; even offer to take off your shoes before you walk into their home for an estimate. Remember your first impresson is the most important. They may tell you it’s not neccessary to remove your shoes, but the fact that you asked what matters.

Second, you must have patience to work with people. All customers are different. They may ask the same question severals time in a conversation. You may have to repeat yourself . Can you do it? Remember, everyone has a boss. Your boss is your customer!

Third, do you have the skills ? Many things can be learned with experience, but you do have to have the ability. If you have two “left hands” and no knowledge or skills at all, this business is not for you.

Fourth, do you enjoy the work? Many people I know in this business totally enjoy what they are doing and love doing repairs and solving problems. There is a lot of satisfaction in doing a good job and having the customer tell you so. However, there are also those who get tired of the work and it becomes a chore. Every job becomes a hassle and the customer will see it ! Time to Quit !! Soon, people will be finding you online when they search keywords like “handyman near me” in your town. So best of luck to you.