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Remodeling Your Kitchen

When deciding to remodel their houses, many people like to start with the kitchen. The kitchen is in many ways the focal point of the home, and it offers a lot of great aesthetic and functional possibilities. Remodeling a kitchen can be a lot of fun since there are so many layout and design options out there.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

The first thing to think about before you remodel your kitchen is whether you’re happy with the current layout. It is of course easier to redo the kitchen based on the current model (keeping cabinets and appliances where they are, in other words) but experimenting with new layouts is the best way to really change the look and feel of the room. Sit down with a pad or paper and try drawing different floor plans. It’s likely that after an hour or so you’ll come up with a layout that really excites you.

The two main elements that dictate the overall look and style of your kitchen are your cabinets and your countertops. It’s not always necessary to replace both of these–a little paint or stain can go a long way, in fact–but if you do choose to tear everything out you can be sure that your kitchen will never be the same. Do your best to coordinate the look of your cabinets and your granite countertops so that your kitchen ends up with a unified feel.

Floors and walls are the next step in remodeling the kitchen, and if you want a big change you should consider going as far away from the old look as possible. If you used to have linoleum floors, consider using tile or wood. If your walls were wallpapered, rip it down and use solid color paint. And don’t be afraid to get drastic–adding a window or changing the placement of a door might make a big difference.